Friday, September 4, 2015

Highs and Lows - the Highs part

NOTE: After declaring in March (!) that I was reviving the blog I wrote a couple posts, then forgot to post them.  That means that now they are MONTHS old.

As Supreme Ruler of this blog, I've decided to publish them anyway.

Without further ado, one of the out-dated posts...


High: Liam likes chicken

Liam has decided he likes chicken.  This is big.  Liam has, since he began solid foods, been a strict vegetarian.  Which is a problem because I'm not.  And I cook the food.  And I cook a lot of chicken.

Who doesn't like chicken?  Well, I'll tell you who.  A kid who ALSO doesn't like anything that anyone would say tastes like chicken.  Honestly, it's easier to tell you what he does like.

Me: Liam, what food do you like?

Liam (looking at me solemnly with HUGE brown eyes): I like LOTS of food, mommy.  I like donuts, red Doritos and Fruit by the Foot.

Me: Yes, that is a lot of food.  And healthy to boot.

This has nothing to do with what I'm writing, but it cracks me up.  

BUT, this week he decided he liked chicken.  Definite High.

Oh, and yesterday he almost got in trouble, then to smooth things over, he looked at me with those enormous brown eyes and said, "Mom, you are the BEST!  You are the BEST COOKER!  The best CHICKEN COOKER!" Here he even clasped his hands rapturously, "Which I love! Because I LOVE to eat CHICKEN!"

High: Ball gowns

Belle dressed up like Cinderella to go to see the movie Cinderella.  It was awesome.  I love that kid.

High: Owl hats

I grabbed a little knit owl hat at the checkout counter of a local thrift store for $1.  Liam has worn it almost non-stop since.

He even sleeps in it.

High - Big Boots.

This picture makes me laugh.  And cringe a little at the idea of broken, twisted legs.  But mostly laugh.