Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jingle Belle

This post is preemptive in case you ever happen upon me and hear me singing some nonsensical tune.

I am not crazy.

At least not in the sing-nonsense-to-myself sort of way.

These days I sing nonsensical things for one reason and one reason only.


The girl has a future in composing pop music.  If pop music is still around in 2033, she'll be a millionaire.  She has SUCH a knack for inventing catchy songs.

Her debut song was "We are friends together."  Those were the only words but the tune was so nauseatingly cute that I was sure she'd learned it from Barney.  But no, apparently she came up with the tune and phrase in her own little pink brain.

I would putter around the kitchen crooning, "We are friends....together!"

Since then the words have gotten odder and the tunes much more catchy.

One of my very favorites is the rolling romp of a song that goes, "And it's always NIGHT on the moon!"  Those are the only words again.  It just repeats.  In its peppy way.  And I often find myself tossing laundry into the dryer to the beat of it .

Besides, those words really make me laugh.  It was WEEKS of singing it before the inevitable happened.  Dalton, who I though had a pretty good grasp of the whole moon-earth-sun relationship, stopped singing, crinkled his nose and looked thoughtfully out the window.  Then he said, "Wait a minute.  Mom, IS it always night on the moon?"

Funny in a gross sort of way
The winner for downright weirdest is the one she made up while she was waiting for someone to come and assist her in finishing up her toilet.  After her usual sing-songy call of, "MOO-OOOMMMM!  I POO--OOOPED!" I came upstairs to find her on the toilet singing quietly, "There's no one here to WIPE me!  There's no one here to WIPE me!"

I almost want to video her singing these so you can get them stuck in your head too.  Because I'd love to not be the ONLY person perusing the cheese selection at the grocery store while singing, "There's no one here to WIPE me!"