Monday, March 23, 2015

I miss my blog. And funny things keep happening.

I miss my blog.

I miss writing down those crazy/stupid/disgusting/funny things that I DON'T WANT TO FORGET but always do.  Because it's easy to forget the funny part of life.

Studies have shown that forgetting about the funny leads to early onset cantankerousness.

So, I'm reviving the blog.  Hopefully to write semi-regularly again, but I know myself well enough to know that I'm not promising anything.

Meanwhile, here are the funny things that popped into my head which I don't want to forget.

Funny Thing #1. My kids are loving Eye of the Tiger right now.  I have no idea why my husband decided to play it one day, but they are in love.  They beg to hear it all the time.  As well they should.

Liam loves to tell us about "things you've never seen".  Usually this is true because he tells us about things that are absolute nonsense.

So, while we're jamming to Eye of the Tiger he says with his usual passion, "I LOVE this song! I do! I LOVE it!  And there's another song you've never seen! It's called the F of the Dragon."

It took me a couple seconds to figure out what mental path his three year old mind had toddled down to get to from Eye of the Tiger to F of the Dragon, but when I did, I laughed hard.

Funny Thing #2.  We got a dog.  He's the size of a small bear and if you're wondering what he's like, he is a hairy, drool-y Eeyore.

Yes. That is exactly what he's like.  Here's a real picture...

The funny thing about the dog is that he refuses to do u-turns.  Refuses.  He'll walk into the kitchen, nose around looking for scraps - which of course he doesn't find due to my exceptional house cleaning practices - then, to leave he backs out.  

Even if he's turned himself so far around so he's almost facing the exit, he turns himself BACK around and drops it into reverse to leave.  

We make loud beeping noises while he does it because he's such slow, lumbering thing.  

I really want to call him short bus, but I feel as though that is derogatory to all the sweet children who ride short busses.  He's just like some sort of old folks home van driven by a geriatric patient who does 16-point turns to get the van out of a parking space at Walmart.  

For instance, to get to our garage you go downstairs then u-turn to the right.  The dog has been known to go down the stairs, turn left and wait patiently until someone opens up the garage door so he can back himself out.  

I feel as though I should get him rearview mirrors.  

Funny Thing #3. Not funny, but makes me happy:  It's March which means open burn season here. That means we get to collect the vast amounts of wood laying around in our, well, woods, and BURN it!  I love fires.  And I love when it's drizzly so the kids all throw on their cowboy hats.  Even my little girl who was sick so bundled up against the drizzle.  I love how everyone's hair smells like campfire for the rest of the day.

We're so very Montana.

I have to say I don't feel as though this post really lives up to the funny post I feel like it should, but I'm rusty.  And I'm happy to know that now that I'm writing again, my little brain will cling to those funny things until I can write them down.  

Hope everyone is doing well!