Sunday, June 26, 2011

Highs and Lows-June 4th


Blueberry picking!
I meant to take the camera this time for blueberry picking, but forgot.  Friday was opening day at the local blueberry farm so we headed out there with some friends and came back with almost 5 lbs of the yummiest blueberries ever.  The people that run the farm use no chemical pesticides so you can snack right off the bush while you pick.  D actually did a decent job of filling his own little plastic bucket - at least for as long as you can expect a 4 year old to do so.  Belle, on the other hand, spent an hour and a half pulling blueberries off and popping them right into her mouth.  The farm's policy is that it's fun for people to snack while they pick, but did they intend that to cover 90 minutes of blueberry grazing?  Still, they never let me give them extra money for the amount she eats.

Me: Belle, pick one and put it IN YOUR BUCKET!  That cool BLUE bucket!

Belle: OK! (Picks blueberry) Like this one?

Me (in that over enthusiastic voice people use to get children to do something): YUP!  That's a GREAT one!  Now, PUT IT IN YOUR BUCKET!!!!

Belle:  OK! (pops it in her mouth.)

Me (no longer enthusiastic): Really?

We had that conversation about 500 more times.  The couple on the other side of the bush seemed entertained by the rest of our conversations.  Things like:

Me: Do you understand the difference between your mouth and a bucket

Me: Do you understand that when you say "OK" you are agreeing to do what I want?

Me: NO!!!!! Don't pick up handfuls of beautiful berries from my bucket, say "These are YUCKY!" and drop them on the ground!

Me: Notinyourmouth! Inthebucket!  OK, put the NEXT one in your bucket. No WAIT!  OK, the NEXT one.

Me: Don't you love your BLUE bucket?
Belle: Yup!  I put blueberries in it!
Me:  You don't actually speak English, do you?

Cool weather:  We've had gorgeous cool, cloudy weather forever.  It's been marvelous.  Since I've been dreading 3rd trimester pregnancy in Missouri summer, this has been a lovely respite from the heat.  I'll TRY not to be bitter when it returns to normal June weather. 

Library summer programs:  Our small-town library is sadly disconnected from the library world across the country, so it doesn't have great things like inter-library loans, but they do have good summer kids programs.  Both kids enjoyed this weeks storytellers/singers/animal people who came and sang and let them touch a live python.


Hospital visit: (Note before reading this: the baby is fine...) The biggest low of the week was when I woke up last Saturday morning and realized it had been well over 12 hours since I'd felt the baby have his normal active movements.  After drinking a bunch of water and lying still for a half hour and still not feeling much, I panicked, caused my husband to panic and then rushed off to the hospital by myself (since I was unwilling to wait the time it would take to figure out a good babysitter at 6am Saturday morning...) to be evaluated.  I have no idea what the child was doing, but he's perfectly fine in there.  

It really ended up turning into a high since while Medman stayed home and wrestled children through breakfast and such, I laid in bed hooked up to baby moniters for an hour and a half, was fed breakfast in bed, got to watch 'Can't Buy Me Love' on the fancy new flat screen in the fancy new OB room at the hospital, then got an ultrasound which again looked great. 

And that's really the only Low I can think of.  It's nice to do this post since it reminds me of how great most of my weeks are!


  1. I'm so glad that your baby is okay! Whew, what a huge weight off of your shoulders, right? I know we both know the stress of having these babies. So a virtual hug coming from Texas that I'm so glad everything looks okay.

    Your conversation with Little Miss sounds the same as the ones I have with my middle one. I swear, I'm pretty sure I taught her English.

  2. HAHAHA...I'm a new momma, and from the stories I've heard about my hubby as a kiddo? Lots like your Belle. I read him your exchanges and we were both giggling...then we're like, oh crap. That's what we're in for! hehe :) I enjoyed reading!

  3. A) Glad the baby is ok!
    B) Trying not to die laughing here so that I don't get strange looks from everyone around me. I just loved the conversation that you put on here. Priceless and LOVE!

  4. Blueberry picking sounds so fun! Pregnancy is stressful. I was always worrying about my baby being okay, I'm glad yours is!

  5. Awww, you have the sweetest conversations with the babe. ♥


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