Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valen-what day?

I don't like Valentine's Day.  It's the only holiday that a man can come home, give his wife a big kiss, tell her he loves her and that's not good enough.   Anyway, because of that Medman really lucks out.  He is completely off the hook in buying overpriced flowers or making reservations at a busy restaurant on Valentine's Day.  A couple years ago he actually gave me a gift on Valentines Day and I just stared at him like, "Who are you?  Who do you think I am?"  But it turns out it was a necklace that I wanted and he'd bought it and couldn't wait another month for my birthday before giving it to me. (He has serious problems with delayed gratification.  Ask who it is around the house that can barely wait for Christmas to open presents...hint: it's not the 3 year old.)

I also forgot this year that children send each other Valentines.  In my defense, D is not in preschool and it was his friends that are who gave him Valentines.  Maybe next year I'll think of it.  Actually if one of you could email me a couple weeks before V Day next year and remind me, that'd be great.   

But look how cute this Valentine is!  D's little buddy Catcher who now lives in Fresno sent it.  Clever, huh?  Of course D tossed aside the picture of the little boy who was his first friend in the world and did a little happy dance with the lollipop, but that's not the point.  I appreciated the picture.

So kudos to Catcher's mom for the clever Valentine and to Wesley's mom for doing Valentines when I know she has ridiculous amounts of stress and chaos in her life right now!  Not only did Wesley get to give out superhero Valentines, but someone sat with him while he wrote both his friends name and his own on the back of each.  Wow.  That's a time commitment.   I think she is up for this week's Mammy award. 

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  1. awesome valentine. I want to steal the idea for next year. all the one's with tv characters are rather detestable in my book.


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