Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How Pinteresting...Highs and Lows by pin

It's been a Pinterest kind of month around here.  Don't know what Pinterest is?  Well, find out at your own risk.

It's an addictive online pinboard where you can pin links to anything you find on the web that you want to be able to find again.  The addictive part is that you can browse gajillions of other pins on any topic imaginable.

But this week, I actually did a bunch of stuff I pinned - with mixed results.  Thus the Highs and Lows.

First I tried some recipes, but they sorta sucked.  Hoped for yummy treats to munch on while the Bronco's let their stress-inducing season fizzle out.  Got boring blah.   Both the food and the Bronco's subpar performance = LOW.  Moving on...

Then I tried to make these cool snow globe things for the kiddos:
Note:  If the recipe calls for water, baby oil, food coloring and glitter.  Don't
  • think it will work to substitute Karo syrup for the baby oil and
  • forget the food coloring altogether. 
 If you do it ends up pretty lame and your kids keep asking politely, but in a bewildered sort of way, "So...what is this supposed to do?"  Another LOW.

But there were HIGHS:

We did some great stuff in homeschool (click on the picture to get to the link on how to do them):

Do you know what happens if you put a little piece of Ivory soap in the microwave?  Go ahead, let your family make hypothesises.  Hypotheses?  Hypothesi?  Uh, let them guess.  It's pretty cool.  HIGH

There was a woman who made a printout for learning about the color wheel 
using water paints and an eyedropper. 
Fun, educational and not very messyHIGH.

We used tape and finger paints to paint like Monet.
Quick,easy and looks like a masterpiece.  HIGH.  

But the coolest thing that I tried was from a post that said you can IRON FABRIC ONTO YOUR WALL AND IT ACTS LIKE CONTACT PAPER.  Just peels right off when you are done!

Yup,turns out you can iron on paint and it causes no problems at all.  Who knew? 

The lady who gave me this idea (and I think she got the idea here,) wrote her son's name on the wall.

But, never one to let a project be simple, I realized that here was the chance to give Belle that huge wall mural of a tree I've wanted to give her but am too cheap to by the vinyl for!

Well, limited by the quantity of fabric and Hean-n-Bond I had, my grand plan was reduced to a branch with flowers, but I like how it turned out.

Besides the fact the photos were taken inside on a gloomy day, what do ya think?
What's more fun that purple swirly branches with pink and yellow flowers? 
 Nothing at all.


(Want a mini tutorial? Click here for one. )

Cool, huh?  If I could redo it I'd smooth out some of the curves (some of them are a little Nightmare Before Christmas-esque), but I'm not going to redo it.  It's for a two-year-old's room.  Two. 

After I finished ironing it onto Belle's wall (which was sort of a weird experience) she said, "Mommy!  I LOVE it!"

Of course at nap time she looked at it and started to cry and said, "I didn't want you to put that picture on my wall!  Take it off."

Nice.  But she's two.  I'm banking on her inherent wishy-washyness.  She'll come back around to liking it.  HIGH.


  1. You are like, the coolest mom ever. You can link up to Highs and Lows whenever. I think you might be the only person who reads it anyway. :)


  2. Janice, I can't find you on Pinterest. I just joined and want to pin your wall project...

  3. I love Pinterest too!! It's funny because just the past few weeks have have done the Monet painting, Ivory soap experiment and snowglobe too! I came over from the Preschool Corner. Thanks for posting! I hadn't seen the color wheel before. Maybe I'll do that next week. :)

  4. That is wall decal is SO cute! I wish I had I bet I could make trains or something though!

  5. Hahahah your Highs and lows of Pinterest made me laugh so much. I have definitely had some failures of my own. Really glad you stopped by the blog so I could find yours- totally following now!

    btw- your children are ridiculously cute!

  6. There are so many Pinterest linky parties going on and I love that--but I think what blogland needs is a Pinterest-inspired, I tried it and that sh-- didn't work party! LOL :) Seriously. I have the worst luck.

    On the plus side--the wall looks AWESOME. I want to do it!!!

  7. How fabulous!!!

    Popping in from pre-k corner.

  8. If I say I love you would that be creepy and totally psycho or would you hear it in that bloggy way that we all do, like ," Oh! I wish we lived closer cuz I ♥ U! "?

    Whatever you're more comfortable with is totally cool.
    Though let it be known that I've been collecting your chewed gum and little strands of hair for years.

  9. Ahhhh, that site! I haven't seen the fabric thingy though...gonna have to check that one out! BTW, love the way you write...cracks me a good way ;).


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