Friday, January 6, 2012

Highs and Lows - 12 Days of Christmas

So apparently the rest of the world is back to normal (even though I've decided that I have no interest in having Christmas be over) and Jen's Highs and Lows have started again.

I just discovered that in the liturgical calendar that Christmas goes from December 25th to January 6th (the 12 days of Christmas.)  So that means TODAY IS STILL CHRISTMAS!!  Yay!  (jingle jingle jingle! ho ho ho!)

In fact, let's do a 12 days of Christmas Highs and Lows.  No, I have not thought this through until this very moment.  And I don't really know how they translate into highs and lows, but that's what I came here to post so I'm sticking with the title, come what may.

Prepare yourself for a mediocre post here.  No planning and very few good pictures...You're excited now, huh?

Here goes:

(You know the tune...sing along!)

For the Twelve Days of Christmas my Highs and Lows will be:

TWELVE million presents.  (The kids had mountain-of-presents induced ADD as they rushed from one box to the next, barely noticing what was inside before grabbing for another.  We did try to curb this enthusiasm and slow them down, but between nursing, trying to keep fires going and general crowd control I'm embarrassed to say that I actually had to ask my older sister what gifts she had sent.  Neither child had bothered to look at tags and a dozen of gifts were open before I thought to start reading tags for them.) -High and Low

ELEVEN fires flaming (or approximately that many cozy fires on cold nights.) - definite High.

TEN clicks from camera (but not getting any good shots)- Low

NINE zillion candies (that were knocked on the floor during gingerbread house decorating.  All of which were round and apparently motorized.  Oh, and the gingerbread was gross...) -Low

EIGHT inch tall mountain (of tissues.  As a solution to the crying in the middle of the night of "Mommy!  I have a tissue on my finger!" (which means she has a booger on her finger) I gave her a whole new box in her crib.  The next morning she said, "I had LOTS of boogies, Mommy.  Lots and lots."  Note the now empty box in the bed.) -Neither High nor Low, but funny.

SEVEN useless threats  (The number of times we told them, "LAY DOWN AND BE QUIET" before admitting that the "Let's all sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed on Christmas Eve!" idea was a bad one.) -Low for kids who had to go back to their own beds, high for us who got a good night sleep.

SIX dress-up outfits (one doctor and a bunch of princesses.) -High 'cause she's so freakin' cute.

FIVE camping friends. (No, this has nothing to do with Christmas, but it is cute.) -High

FOUR thousand miles (traveled by the gifts from farthest away - Thank you Uncle Bobby and Aunt Christine for our Irish  cozies!) -High

THREE yummy fingers- High cause he's cute, might be Low soon because the tooth is coming...

TWO yada yada - ran out of ideas and I need to go take a shower.... 

and a child born to set the world free. -High.

Well, there ya have it.  It's not much but it is my hope that you now have the Twelve Days of Christmas stuck in your head. 


  1. Love this. You are the funny I wish I could be more often. (Did that make sense?)

    I also think there's a real beauty to the liturgical calendar--I especially long for it at Christmastime. Thank you for the link.

  2. The 8 inch mountain of tissue...that is seriously what my son does with tissue. How can 1 child have that many boogers?

    And yes...I do have that song stuck in my head now. Thank you, jerkface.

  3. I heart that picture of Liam eating his fingers. Seriously. SO. CUTE. Colston got a bunch of teeth, super fast, back-to-back. Seven, total. Now? Nada. No more. Maybe his little mouth just needed a break! :)


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