Monday, March 29, 2010

daily doin's

Finally found the walking toy!  Look who's so big!

And my big boy loves doing 'school' at home with me. 

And finally:

"From peace to chaos in 60 seconds!"

The other night I was super thrilled to use the new bath seat I'm borrowing from my friend Bethany.  Belvedere weighs almost nothing and tends to float around the bathtub then flop backwards.  Since I'm vehemently opposed to her drowning I have to spend the entire bath time holding her in a sitting position while the circulation to my arms is cut off by the edge of the bathtub.  Not any more!  Thank you bath seat!  Now she sits happily and splashes and plays.  Lovely.  I was just thinking I should get the camera and take a picure of the happiness in the tub as the two kiddos splashed in the bubbles when she scrunched up her face and...

...POOPED IN THE TUB!  Ahhhhhhh!!!  So much for peaceful bath time!  Grab the boy (even though he hadn't actually been washed yet) and pull him out of the bath before the murky brown cloud reaches his end of the tub, toss a towel at him while he howls about the cold and struggles to get it wrapped around his wet body.  Grab at Belle's hands to keep her from picking up a poop floating by and pull her out wondering how the heck to proceed with the cleaning.

Then to top it off, after getting Belle wrapped up in an OLD towel which I planned to burn afterwards and getting D off to put on PJ's I was contemplating the best way to get the tub clean when D came back into the bathroom claiming he needed help with his pajamas because they were stuck.  Expecting to see a pajama top stuck over his head or something, I was surprised to see him in just a pullup.

"Well, bring me your pj's and I'll help you," I say.

He looks confused, "But they're stuck."

"Oh, they're stuck somewhere.  Where are they stuck?"

"On the fan," he says.

I did a bit of mental gymnastics trying to draw sense from that before giving up and asking "What fan, honey?"

"That one!" he points cheerfully to the living room ceiling.  "My pajama shirt went over it, but the pants got stuck."

"Of course they did." 


  1. It does happen very often but I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD.

  2. One step forward (bathing the children), ten steps back (poop on babies, tubs, clothes on fans).


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