Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sorry Excuse for a Christmas Card 2012

I've declared it an official tradition that I send out a Christmas card through the blog because I'm too much of a slacker to do a real one.  My other excuse this year is that I don't have a good camera.  My "digital camera" (I use the term loosely) has issues.  To get it to focus requires pushing the button down halfway about a hundred times during which time I believe the camera is actually swearing at me.  Then, maybe because it uses up so much energy in cussing and trying to focus on whatever's in front of it, it only grumbles out eight blurry pictures before the battery dies.

So for pictures I'm stuck with my phone.  And it's a phone.

Therefore this year I didn't even do the normal take-a-thousand-pictures-hoping-for-one-good-enough-to-photo-shop thing.  Because it would have been eight blurry bad pictures and I don't think there should be that much swearing during a Christmas photo shoot.  Besides, after some serious statistical analysis I realized there was a 0.00003% chance that any of those shots would have been good.

I did ask Santa for a new camera for Christmas, but seeing as I just remembered I wanted one two days ago, I may have asked Santa too late.

So, in lieu of a real Christmas card or even a Christmas card-y sort of blog post, here's some blurry phone pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Merry Christmas.

First some random cuteness:

Liam finds a Liam-sized tree.

Pretty cute even if she is snuggling a paper towel roll.

Playing in the snow we got a couple of days ago.  (Belle saw the snow and screamed, "NOW it's Christmas!"  Then was temporarily devastated that she couldn't open presents immediately.)

I love fluffy toddlers so bundled up that they can't lower their arms all the way.

Yes, you can feel bad for his cold hands.  I don't have gloves small enough for him.  And really, were any going to stay on?  I think not.  


And just a little weirdness, in case you thought your kids were the only strange ones:
I don't pretend to know why Liam does this a dozen times each day.
He's usually grumbling and muttering something inarticulate at the same time.  


And I leave you with a Vader montage:

The rebels are coming?

What we gonna do?

Just dance....Just dance

Merry Christmas!  
May your Christmas season include as least as much peace 
as I had during the 30 seconds they sat and contemplated the beautiful tree.


  1. Okay, but the pictures are adorable. And I love your writing and you make me laugh. So this is a great Christmas card. Merry Christmas to you, too, Janice!

  2. A perfectly awesome Christmas card! Who needs another stupid, perfectly posed, professionally taken photo to be jealous of? Not this girl! I for one, am hoping for that 30 seconds of peace. You are hilarious. :) Merry Christmas Janice!


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