Friday, December 11, 2009

Baby sitter

I have a sitter!  As in my baby sits!  Who knew?

I am constantly amazed at the developmental leaps that little people make.

On Monday I set Belvedere up in the sitting position, she smiled at me, drooled a little then toppled over - not changing her happy expression one bit as I caught her and let her lay down.

On Tuesday I confess I did not ever try to help her sit.  When Big D was her age he would have gotten help about a dozen times a day on whatever skill he was working on.  Not so Bel.  She gets fed then plopped on the floor while I feed and generally care for the other people in the house.

On Wednesday, I sat her down and voila!  She sat for about 2 minutes before reaching for something far away and face planting.  How do you gain a skill that quickly?  She can now sit quite well.  Not unsupervised because she still leads with her head when she falls, but she'll stabilize herself very well as she plays with a toy in her lap.

As a mother these leaps make me feel a bit neglectful.  Shouldn't I have known she was close to sitting?  Seems as though I should have.  Like I should have known she could get all the way across the room like I posted about before.

But at least my ignorance won't scar her.  It seems worse when your child is older and more aware.  Like about a year ago when D started talking about the helicopter he'd seen and I kept assuring him that there hadn't been a helicopter while he kept insisting there was, adding increasing levels of detail to convince me.  After this went on forever I thought I might as well make him tell me about when he saw this helicopter that I was SURE he hadn't seen.

"It was in the hallway, mommy!"
"The hallway?"
"Yes!  It was green and it talked to me!  And we played!"

Oooooooooh!   An IMAGINARY helicopter.  Huh.  Apparently he had developed an imagination that I didn't know about.  So instead of just being surprised about his new ability to sit, I had spent the last 15 minutes crushing his newborn imagination!  My poor little boy was experiencing the wonder of imagining and his troll of a mother kept saying, "That just didn't happen, honey, I'm sorry."  Nice, mom.

Thankfully, judging by the outlandish story I heard yesterday about the shooting star that came into his room, offered him a ride and zoomed him through the sky to Gus' house, I'd say I didn't damage his creativity much. 

D imitating Bel as she scoots herself legs first under the couch.

Bel in her "I'm in the giggling pink mafia" jogging suit.

Ready to Jazzercise.

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  1. I am going to eat your little girl...Okay that sounded really creepy instead of letting you know just how much I adore your princess:)


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