Friday, December 18, 2009

Bell ringers

Big D doesn't understand the Salvation Army bell ringers and I have to say that it is a little understandable. 

Who are these people?  They stand in front of Hyvee and Walmart and ring bells.  They just stand there.  Mommy says they ring the bell so people will give them money.  But if you give them money, do they give you the bell?  No.  That would make sense, but no.  They don't give you anything. 

Then, this year they are in orange jumpsuits.  While the orange is bright and (some would say) cheery, they don't really match all the decorations around them.  In fact they clash pretty horribly with their red money buckets.  Last year at least they were dressed like Santa and thus created in tiny minds a connection to Christmas.  This year they look like hunters who are just out trying to earn some extra cash. 

And while the bell seems fun when we are getting out of the car 200 feet away from the building, by the time we are walking past it, our eardrums are bleeding from the volume.  And heaven help us all if we have to stop at Redbox.  We basically have to dodge the bell the whole time we're praying that the stupid machine stops whirring and DISPENSES OUR MOVIE BEFORE OUR BRAINS ARE VIBRATED INTO MUSH!

Anyway, all that to say that D is fascinated/horrified by them.  Yesterday he was standing by the Christmas tree ringing one of our ornaments that makes a tiny, lovely bell noise.  He stood there, perfectly serious and slightly morose saying:

"I'm a bell ringer. I'm ringing my bell.  And standing in front of Hyvee.  And I have some money....... Yup, just standing....ringing my bell....with some money."

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