Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bodybuilder B

Since we're on the subject of my children's future careers, it looks like Belvedere is going to be a bodybuilder.  

She may be in the 5th percentile for height and weight (well, she is if she has a full diaper and stands on her tippy toes) but pound for pound she's a hulk.

A day or two ago she started her weight lifting practice.  We have this ball that plays music when it is rolled.  The ball is meant to spin in a little stand but it can come out and roll freely on the floor.  But it must be busting at the seams with electronics because it weights more than you'd expect.  If D drops it on the floor, the house shakes.   Well, Belle has decided she likes it, but instead of rolling it and dancing to the music, she crawls up to it, gets on her knees, grabs it with both tiny hands, then grunting like some 300lb Hungarian Olympic weight lifter lifts it up as far as her arms will go.  

Since her arms are not really long enough to go over her head, this isn't very high, but she's VERY serious about her training regiment.  I dearly wish I had taken a video so you could hear the grunts of exertion that are coming from my petite little girl.

And as she will tell you with this expressive sign language...  

How big is Belle?

And on a belated note, well after Easter we got around to doing an Easter egg hunt in our very small backyard which really has no good egg hiding places.  To make matters worse, since the hunt was somewhat spur of the moment (we had missed the real Easter egg hunt at our friends house due to illness on Easter) I didn't really have anything good to put in the eggs.  Do you want to see the face of a three year old who is trying to be excited but opens his egg and finds only dry cereal?  Well, here you go...

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