Thursday, May 13, 2010

Big Girl

My baby turned one on Tuesday.  I don't mean to sound old, but where does the time go?  I really do swear she was just born a couple months ago. 

She's quite taken with her new maturity.  Starting on Tuesday she decided that she could stand.  Well, she's been able to stand for ages, she just doesn't.  Set her up on her own two feet and she smirks at you and either flings herself backwards in her favorite game of Trust Fall or just jellifies her legs and melts into the floor.  But not Tuesday.  No, on that momentous day she was hanging out by my legs, examining a toy when, voila, she pushed off me and stood on her own for half a minute.  Like it was nothing. 

Then on Wednesday she took two steps for Med Man.  Then five tonight!  Very exciting.  She also is suddenly very interested in my wallet and talking on the play cell phone.  I'm already praying for myself 15 years from now...

Happy Birthday, Belle.  I love you so much.  I think you are the funniest, quirkiest baby I've ever met and I can not wait to see you grow up and get to know you more.  I love that you snuggle with me and duck your face in such a cute way when you are feeling shy.  I love your silly laugh and your huge smile.  Happy birthday, baby.

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  1. My lands, she looks like Dalton. I love those little teeth. What a doll.


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