Monday, October 11, 2010

Fun givaway!

I'm so excited because my good friend Bethany has the most adorable little invention called Squeaky Bunz and she's doing a giveaway!  Now, unless you are a 12 month old baby yourself, this giveaway won't be for YOU, but it is a FANTASTIC baby shower gift.

What's Squeaky Bunz, you ask?   Here's the description from Bethany's blog:

What is SqueakyBunz? SqueakyBunz is an all original design. I have designed onesies with a cute applique on the front and a matching applique patch on the bum. The exciting part, and the part babies LOVE, is the squeaky noise the patch on the bum makes. Not only are these little outfits super cute but they are a hoot for baby and family alike! 

Yes, a cute onesie with a squeaker in the bum.  Every time they land on that little tushy, it squeaks.  (Don't worry, not an annoying squeak.  Just the kind of squeak that makes everyone in the room chuckle.  Yes, sometimes the adults even more than the babies.) 

Here are a couple of her designs.

 And here's your favorite one-year-old wearing her personalized one from Miss Bethany.  (Sorry for the sucky pictures.  Did I mention she's one? Meaning 'will not pose for pictures'.)

These are perfect for when they are learning to walk.  Every time they plop down on their bums, it squeaks.  Belle likes to sit on the bottom step and bounce so it squeaks.  She giggles and giggles. 

So, here's the link to her giveaway.  And if you don't have a need for one right now just hop over there anyway and check out all the cute designs.  And keep her in mind next time you have a baby shower to go to.  Seriously, you will the the one that brought THAT gift.  The one all the grownups play with the entire time.

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