Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall and Halloween

Some recent pictures:

D wanted to be Thomas the Tank Engine for Halloween.  So I designed a little costume for him and thought it was pretty cool.

Uuntil I saw what other people have done...

But try to forget that image when you see Dalton's...

I'm quite proud of the fact that anyone who knows Thomas could recognize his costume as such.

And Belle refused to tell me what she wanted to be, so she was a princess.  Mostly because I had princessy material. 

Thomas is supposed to have a #1 on his side, but since D's costume didn't have sides, it got plopped on the back.  He didn't seem to mind the discrepancy.  I was actually afraid he would. 
And lest you make some complimentary comment about my sewing skills, here is the first fitting for Belle's dress.  Seems that during a mid-production design change I miscalculated the circumference of her chest just a bit.... Yup, that's EIGHT extra inches.  Around an 18" chest.  Oops.

Kinda hard to see since she is in perpetual motion.  But it was....billowy.

The kiddos, of course, thought that Trick or Treating was the greatest tradition ever invented.  Belle very quickly picked up on the concept and dove enthusiastically into any bowl of candy offered to her.

Other fall things we've gotten to do....

Jump in the leaves

and have our first fire in the fire place of our new house.  So lovely!

Hope everyone else is having as beautiful of a fall!

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  1. Ok, first, the Thomas the Train is darling! And I will say Congrats on your sewing. I have long since 'retired' from sewing ;)

    For the longest time, we'd ask my grandson what his name was, to which he'd say, "Santino Thomas-the-Train". (Stepson's last name is Thomas)

    I think he's past that. But not Spiderman. Which is what he was for Halloween - his first trick-or-treating at houses. "I wanna go to another Pooky house, Gramma." Was too much fun.

    But I may have to dust off the sewing machine next year. Baby's Mama changed his costume at the last minute to a silly little lycra thing - not the one Son bought. (it's always a contest, it seems). So I think next year, Gramma will have to get into the race.

    I just hope he'll be done w/ 'Piderman by then!


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