Friday, November 26, 2010

Deck the ... bowls?

D had just finished going to the bathroom the other day when I glanced at the potty.

Me:  "Eww.  There's pee on the rim.  Let's clean that off."

D:  "That's not pee.  It means that Christmas is coming."

Me (not even trying to hide the 'are-you-crazy' look):  "Um, no, it's drops of pee and I'm cleaning it."

D:  "I really don't want you to clean it.  It's a sign.  A sign that Christmas is coming."

It seems like at this point a caring mother might have probed farther. How on earth did he get to that point?  Dried pee drops = Christmas?  Huh, seems like he's thought this out.  Maybe I should try to be sensitive to the fact that he finds this pee valuable.

Or think, think, what in the holy advent story could possibly remind the boy of pee?  Stars are vaguely like yellow circles.  

Do you think it's a bad sign that none of that even crossed my mind?  I just thought, "Eww, pee spots."

Me: "Well, I'm afraid that's too bad.  You'll have to find a new sign that Christmas is coming."  Wipe, flush.

D: ""Nooo!"  (then sadly) "ok....  HEY!  We have DONUTS!"   and off he ran.

So I guess my insensitivity didn't scar him. 

The other night when D was supposed to be up putting pajamas on we heard the "thump thump thump THUMP!" of something falling down the stairs.

Me:  What was that?

D:  A book.

Me:  What??? Do we throw books down the stairs?

D:  Um...I'm afraid I don't want to answer that question. (sound of feet running down hall and door closing.)

I have this thing against talking about my Etsy shop to family and friends.  I know, I know,  not exactly a good entrepreneurial practice, but I hate people to think I'm bugging them and I certainly don't want any sympathy sales.  So, with that disclaimer, any of you who have the slightest inclination, could you pop over to my shop and poke around in it?

My shop was picked to be in this online boutique next week through UCreate , which I'm super excited about.  The dilemma comes from the fact that Belle has had some rough sleeping nights in the past couple weeks so I have found myself up at 2 am making listings for my shop while I wait for her to go back to sleep.  This does not always lead to coherent writing.  So if you would, dear friend, stop by and spend a minute or two glancing at anything that catches your eye and make sure the descriptions make sense and that the photos are good, I'd really appreciate it.  I've looked at them all so many times that they all mush together in my mind!

And those of you who could care less about Etsy and jewelry in general, well, just pretend that this post ended 3 paragraphs ago. 

Oh, and Etsy has finally made it possible for people to use coupon codes, so if you ever do want to order anything, use the coupon code FRIEND and you will get 20% off your order.  

Thanks!  Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!

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  1. Hey, Girl! Sorry I haven't check in for a while. I hit a serious writer/painter/Life block. I believe it had the label "DEPRESSION" on it. But I made it thru and am pounding keys to prove it.
    Your paragraph about your budding politician made me giggle. Check this out when you have time (Time? What's that, Momma?)

    When you find about the Drops from Christmas mean, I'd love to know ;)


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