Sunday, October 23, 2011

So glad my kids are too young... object to which pictures I post.  Here are some good ones from recently....


D ready to weather the day after I mentioned it was "sorta cool out" one morning.  I had just meant he should wear long pants instead of shorts.  Liam was wrapped up ready for a nap but D wanted a photo op.  Liam seems unimpressed by the whole situation.

Belle's impeccable fashion sense.Winter hat, mittens, rain boots, safety goggles and a hammer.  All while still in pink pajamas. 

Sporting Hollywood glasses while weighing down (sort of) Liam's bouncy chair.

This is for real.  Belle called my downstairs yelling, "I did it ALL BY MYSELF!"  When I got there I saw she had drawn THAT little letter "e."  Not kidding.  No one else had been there.  Unfortunately her next attempts were much more along the lines of a 2 year old.  But I'm keeping this picture for posterity anyway.  

And my FAVORITE...
On my little phone screen this looked like such a cute picture of both of them smiling.  But when I saw it on the computer it really looks like a crazed Liam is about to chomp down on Belle's unsuspecting shoulder.  He looks like some evil mastermind who's about to execute his devious plan. And it's made me laugh all morning.


  1. Belle apparently takes after auntie Chrissy (Christine)....a hammer always at the ready :-)

  2. There's seriously nothing better than baby smiles! He looks like Dr. Evil!
    Your family is super fly....

  3. LOVE those pictures, especially the last one! Just wait until they're all well into their 20s before they see them--hopefully they'll be able to appreciate them and can just bypass the embarrassed stage.


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