Monday, October 3, 2011

Highs and Lows - October 3rd

High: Last night Liam only woke up once to eat!  (This, of course, instantly raises my hopes of it happening again tonight ...Stay tuned for next weeks lows...)

Low:  IF I had been able to do the usual dimly lit, quiet room where I don't barely make eye contact with the kid and certainly don't speak to him unless absolutely necessary, I might have only been awake for 30 minutes TOTAL last night.  But, since this is a low, you know it didn't happen that way.  On the way into Liam's room at 2:16 AM I literally ran into Dalton who was standing in the dark hallway, which was very confusing for both of us.  After the prerequisite three askings of him as to why he was awake but very sleepy in the hallway, he declared he had a booger on his finger.   Why that had brought him out of his room when he slept by a tissue box, I did not know, but I let him follow me into Liam's room so I could calm the hollering baby.  Unfortunately, once D was awake enough to speak coherently it seemed that the real problem was that he needed to blow his nose and was having no luck on his own.  So I tried to help D while nursing Liam, which did not work well for any of us.  Dalton took forever to deal with his nasal problem and then launched into an INCREDIBLY long-winded story (again, I have no idea where he gets that trait...) about the time when he was quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and Daddy was quarterback for the Denver Broncos.  There was a play-by-play of how each team scored and the points they got.  Like how D got one touchdown "In the middle of it by that big yellow U, not over by the side, so it was worth 10 points."  And all this time Liam's little eyes were getting more and more awake.  So instead of finishing nursing in a semi-comatose state so I could toss him right back into bed, he just laid on my lap and smiled at me and cooed.  All very cute, I know.  But really people, nothing is quite as cute at 2 am.  I'd be hard pressed to find a baby bunny snuggling with a kitten cute at 2 am. The whole process ended up taking an hour and a half.  No kidding. 

High:  Fall weather.  Lovely.  Kids playing outside, bickering outside, playing noisy games outside. Lovely.  Really this high deserves more space and uumph, but I don't have anything else to say about it except, LOVELY.  I also can't find an outdoor picture.  So here's one that just shows happiness.

Low:  Belle is making a concentrated effort to call us "Mom" and "Dad".  ugg.  No cute "Mommy", now if she wants something it sounds like I have a teenager.  "Mom?  Can I have the car?"  NO!  Not unless you call me Mommy.  But I can't say that to Belle.  Oh no.  Not to Miss Contrary.  She'd just smile her irresistibly little smile and try even harder to eradicate "Mommy" from her vocabulary. 

(Side note: "Contrary" is actually a part of Belle's vocabulary now.  I guess too often we've had this conversation:

Me:  Belle, show Daddy how you can (fill in any action here...)
Belle (looking mischievous): No.
Me: Yeah, go show him.  He'll love it.
Belle (giddy with power): No.
Me:  You are contrary.
Belle:  No, I am NOT contrary.  I'm Belle.
Me:  Same thing, child. 

My hope is that I vividly remember D going through a "Mom" and "Dad" phase, but it ended and he still calls us Mommy and Daddy. 

High:  Liam got weighed last week and he is already over 10 lbs!  That's a 3.5 lb gain in 4 weeks.  That plops him firmly in the 50th percentile! Biggest baby we've ever had.  :)  No one would think of calling him chubby, but I'm considering calling him Tank.  Compared to his older brother Dash and his "big" sister Wispy, the kid is huge.  I'm pretty sure he'll outweigh Belle by February.

And that's really all I can think of.  I'm sure more happened this week, but have I mentioned the lack of sleep?  It seems to seriously affect my short term memory. 

High. Oh - almost forgot!  PE class started for the homeschoolers in town.  The university physical education students put on a gym class for all the homeschooled kids on Friday mornings.  D was in heaven:

fun with the parachute

In heaven on a scooter.  Clearly gym equipment never changes.  These could have been scenes from MY kindergarten PE.

It must have been a good week when my lows were more annoying than bad.  Hope everyone else had a good week too!


  1. Belle, contrary? Must take after her aunt Cheryl.

  2. Contrary?!? Me??? I don't know what he's talking about...and I'll argue with anyone who say differently. ;)

  3. Love your highs and lows. And I'm hard-pressed to find anything very cute at 2 am, either. Especially when operating on a sleep deficit. Hang in there!

  4. Have I ever told you how much I love reading your blog? You have such a knack of putting things into words (I sadly lack the ability to even explain why I enjoy your blog so much!). Anyway, I think you should write a book about your family life - a kind of Bridget Jones with family.

    Reading your stories always makes me smile and reflect on my family life, past and present. I really miss those baby/toddler days and the funny things they say and do. Most of the things that come out of my 10 year old son's mouth these days are said with assured cockiness and my 8 year old daughter is also developing an attitude beyond her years. I remember telling her when she was about 3 that she was so contrary, to which she replied, of course, 'No, I'm not!'

    I think I just realised reading this post that you homeschool as well. Phew! Although, in saying that I sometimes wonder whether my son would have been happier with that because he has so many tough times in the playground with no one to play with (not a footballer you see, so feels very left out).

    Thanks for the smiles and have a great day.
    Kristin :)

  5. Arrgg, last year my daughter stopped calling me mommy and it broke my heart. I refuse to respond to " Mom ". It's mommy or you go hungry.

  6. love love LOVE the photo of the kids all in stripes!!!!


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