Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Goal of the week(ish) - Leap week.

There's no way I'm going to get this posted every week.  Thus the week(ish).

So my goal last time I posted weekly goals (two weeks ago...) was to spend some one on one time with each "big" kid.  And I have to say it was good to make the goal because it made me more conscious of it.

I did get to do some fun reading time with just Dalton on a couple different days which was just peaceful and fun. 

I also got to take "nighttime walks" with Belle.  These thrilling walks consist of walking for about 2 1/2 minutes around the cul de sac in the dark before she goes to bed.

Safely in the house before each walk she declares, "And this time I will not be scared of anything."  Then she bursts out with, "This is so exciting!"  

But she gets about four steps down the driveway before starting to get anxious and attaching herself to my leg laughing nervously and saying things like, "I think a car is coming! I hear a car!  Oh oh oooh!"  Then at the other side of the cul de sac she can't bear it any more and says, "We should go home, quick!  Quick!  Quick!"and she starts tugging on my hand and walking as fast as her tiny legs can go.

And the next night she begs to do it again.  ("THIS time I will not be scared of anything!")

New goal?   Ummmmm, I have some boring ones about laundry and dishes, but let's pick something more interesting.  Ok, be more prepared for homeschool craft day.  As in actually buying the crayons I want to use for Thursday's craft that I've meant to do for 3 weeks but never get around to picking up the crayons....

A bonus is that if I remember to buy them you guys should get to see a cool craft.  Or a big screw up.  You know I'll post pictures either way....

So how 'bout you, dear reader.  Any goals for the week?


  1. Actually, I like Belle's goal: "THIS time I will not be scared." I may just adopt that one!

  2. Belle sounds so sweet. My goal for this week is to make a dent on the mess that has taken over my house. Maybe.

  3. I saw something on Pinterest last night that reminded me of you.
    It said something like, " Biggest mistake of my life: Saying I don't need to write things down because I'll remember them. "

    You're going to be able to print this all out one day and hand it over in the form of a hard cover book. Maybe I'll do the same but change all your kids' names to my kids' names. Maybe meaning that's my plan exactly.


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