Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In a nutshell

You know how every once in a while you get a photo or a letter from someone and it is just so...them?  Well, here's each of my kids in a nutshell.


D almost always has a preface before he speaks.  "I have something to tell you,"  or  "This is an exciting thing!" or "Do you want to know something?"  Then he tells you whatever he wanted to.  Then he usual either sums it up for you again or repeats himself.  I'm sure somewhere there's some writing teacher who teaches these three steps.  Introduce your thesis, State your thesis, Repeat your thesis. 

I got this cute letter from him the other day.  Besides being so adorable it made me want to squeeze him, it is also written in perfect Daltonese. 

Belle vs. Liam

Here are two pictures that tell you a lot about those two. 

1. Belle and Liam in a chair together.

Belle doing her usual crazy dramatics about whatever she finds amusing and Liam staring fixedly at something random, like her hand, wishing he could eat it.

2.  Belle, again with the emotions, this time I believe she just walked backwards into the kitchen table.  Poor sad little face.  But every time one of the other kids starts crying, Liam looks at me and grins.  It's odd, but very predictable.



  1. Love it! Yes I do. Really.

    Thank you for providing me with frequent, real, laughing. Because I'm really not doing enough of it, otherwise.

    1. That's why I post, Karen, so that I laugh at it everything. It's better than crying about it.

  2. that letter was way too adorable- and the picture of belle crying with liam smiling is HILARIOUS!!! oops, not that your girl crying is funny- you know what i mean!!

    1. Laura, I'm going to have to post a picture of the enormous frown Liam gives right before he cries. It is so cute and funny I just die laughing every time. I'm sure I'm scarring him emotionally. But it's really funny.

      Now I'm on a mission to get a picture of it.

  3. Haha! This made me laugh :)

  4. awww . . . so sweet. Yes, I think Belle, being the 'middle child' and being the only girl (so far? hardeeharhar) will always have a flair for the dramatic.;)

    And D's note? so sweet. Don't they just amaze you? Yesterday, while walking down an aisle in Michaels (Gramma's toy store ;) Grandson said "Gramma, I love you to up where God lives" and he pointed up to the sky. cue lump in throat. I dunno where he gets this stuff but let's just say he got a new toy.

    Oh yes. I'm completely open to such bribery ;)

  5. Oh my gosh, those teary eyes are breaking my heart! What a gorgeous babe.
    I think it's totally hilarious the Liam smiles when the other siblings get hurt. I think it shows signs of power and greatness. Or cruelty. No....power.


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