Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Bel and etsy whirlwind

Happy 6 month birthday, Belvedere!  Well, Happy Birthday yesterday.  I did start this yesterday but the birthday girl had a rough day since her first tooth is in a full fledged war with the surrounding gums.  That tooth has been fighting for its freedom for OVER THREE WEEKS now.  Apparently her gums are incredibly good at staying shut.  Some company that designs safes should study her for new bio-technical safe technology.  Really, if you could keep a thief from opening the safe for three weeks, seems that chances are good he might get caught.  And we know that biotechnology is the way of the future.  It's in all the movies. 

I was also hoping to have a cute picture from yesterday to post but I can't photoshop out a scowl. So the one at the bottom of the post is a week or two old...

She did get her first taste of cereal!  And while she was happier then than any other time throughout the day, I think that she thought that the whole purpose was for the family to stand around her and push a spoon into her mouth so that she could shove her tongue out and let the cereal dribble down her chin.  Any tiny cereal molecule that actually reached her stomach must have been baby cereal's version of Indiana Jones, doing the digestive equivalent of jumping out of a crashing plane with a raft, sledding down a mountain on it and then falling over a cliff to land in a rushing river.

The other thing that took up my whole day was an electronic rush on turkey shirts.  My friend Bethany requested a turkey shirt for her adorable little boy.  She had seen the hundreds of them that are for sale on etsy and graciously decided to let me make one instead of getting someone who probably does not have to sew right on their kitchen table, praying that they got all the peanut butter and jelly cleaned up before putting their fabric down.  I was as surprised as anyone that it came out cute so I thought, "What the heck, let's spend the 20 cents and list it on etsy so it can mingle with the gaggle of other turkey shirts.  Certainly no one will find my little turkey amidst the herd, but maybe he'll make some friends and have a nice time."

But lo and behold, someone bought one.  Than another.  Then on Monday night apparently all the procrastinating fashionista moms got online and I got SEVEN orders.  I'm feeling a little like a turkey with my head cut off.  One lady was even kind enough to say mine was the cutest on etsy.  Now I'm fairly certain she didn't look through all 243 turkeys, but it was still very nice to hear.

So, between turkeys and teeth I missed posting about Belvedere on the momentous day when she turned six months old.  Sorry babes!  I do think you are the most beautiful, sweet, funny, wonderful 6 month old girl to ever live!

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