Monday, November 23, 2009

Bear Naked

Not bare naked, bear naked.  C'mon people, this is a family friendly blog.

Creepy, huh?  And oddly armadillo-ish.  Apparently there is a zoo in Germany where all the female bears are afflicted with baldness. They don't know why.  This is Delores and this picture is just too odd not to post.  Besides, six months out from childbirth I am losing so much hair that a picture like this strikes fear into my heart.  We will not be sending out Christmas pictures if I begin to look like this bear.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving I find myself unexpectedly thankful that God created bears with fur.  Because this is how Dolores would look if she still had her God-given fur.

On a bearly less weird note, I am coming to grips with the fact that Belvedere may have some sort of baby-transporting fairy.  Or a trans-location superpower.  It is a goal of mine to discover my own superpower.  Currently the front runner is the power to telepathically communicate to Bel that I want her to sleep a couple more minutes so I can finish something.  Unfortunately my powers must be a little off because that message always wakes her up.  I also have an uncanny gift of picking the slowest checkout line in Walmart.

But I digress.  Belvedere has begun rolling around.  We plop her down on the floor and she rolls a foot this way, two feet that way, then gives up and lays on her back and goes pththbbbbbbbb with her tongue.   That is when we are watching her.

But the other day I set her down in the foreground of the following picture, right between the white blanket and the baby gym.  I then went into the kitchen and emptied the top rack of the dishwasher.  It took maybe 2 minutes.  When I turned around to look for her, she was trying to eat the couch!  Do you see her little head all the way over there?  And her feet are tucked away between the couch and coffee table.  

I can tell you with all honestly that my daughter does not have the rolling skills to maneuver her way around the baby gym, cross the room and back herself into that little space.  Big D was sleeping and Medman was at work.  She has not done any movement of this magnitude since.  Clearly there is some supernatural force at work.

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  1. Isn't that what all the mothers say when their child is kidnapped, run over, falls into a well- I was only gone 2 minutes, at most....


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