Friday, April 1, 2011


As usual, it's been too long since I posted pictures of the fam.  Lest you think I am hoarding pictures and am just unwilling to share them, I want you to know that I am probably the worst mother on the planet at photographing my kids.  I just don't think of it.  I know that some of you who take bajillions of pictures monthly have just decided I have some sort of mental challenge, but it's true.  My camera is woefully neglected.  So, here's the few I've taken lately...

First up, the Youngest Member of the household:

Meet Littlest Boy.  He's expected to make a more photographic appearance around August 12th, but for now, this is the best we can do.  Thankfully he was very cooperative last week during his ultrasound and showed his boy parts clearly as well as a well formed heart and all other important organs.  Which was quite a relief, if I do say so.

The Next Youngest:

Meet Abby.  She's a 10 weeks old yellow lab with blue eyes.  She and I have a love/hate relationship.  Everyone else thinks she's swell.  She hasn't peed on my floor in 6 days and she no longer has worms in her poop, so we're getting along better every day.  If she would stop nipping and snagging the few clothes that I have that fit since the Youngest Member is causing an undue amount of growth in all parts of my person, we'll be just fine.

The Third Youngest:

Cutie pie, huh?  The pigtails are new, and she leaves them in!  Love it!
Belle trying to convince the world she is SO BIG!  Just keep trying, kiddo.

In perpetual motion.
"Mommy!  I JUMP!"

And one where you can actually almost see her. (And thanks to Jennifer Walston for the adorable dress!)

The Eldest:

It is an unfair fact of life that there are irresistibly cute stages of growth and stages that are just, well, not so irresistibly cute.  Almost 2 with curly pigtails is the definition of irresistible.  4?  Well, he's still the most handsome 4 year old ever, but the kid never gets his picture taken any more.  I did think he was super cute when we got home from the library and he plopped down to check out his new books.

And here's a couple of D and Belle at grandparents in Colorado.


  1. Adorable. I especially love the "so big" picture. But both of them have personalities that fill a room...

  2. Wow! I don't think I've been in your house since you finished painting and got the new carpet. It looks great in there! Go you guys!

    Oh yeah, and the kids are adorable, too (of course). I'm a little jealous that Belle will leave her pigtails IN her hair.

  3. Cute cute cute! You need a button so I can place it on my blog, chicka!

  4. Yes, I agree, they're all very cute and long may that last for you because my two kids used to be cute but now they are 9 and 7 and cute is not the word I would use to describe them! Congratulations on the littlest one. Looks like there'll be more fun to come in your house.
    Kristin :)


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