Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Things I've had to hear this week...

D:  Crouton's don't bounce very high.

I don't believe I dignified that with an answer.


Belle's answer to EVERYTHING:

Me: Belle!  Why did you just (throw your pancake? put your pancake in your hair? rub your pancake on your face? ask desperately for a pancake and then NOT EAT IT???)

Belle (looking earnestly at me):  Why 'cause, I told you.

Oh, thanks for clearing that up. 


And in the car my kids have been entertaining each other with silly faces. 

Silly face, gales of laughter, silly face, gales of laughter. 

So the other day when I was hearing moments of silence followed by peals of laughter I though lovingly of how nicely my kids were playing together.  But then I caught a flash of white in my rearview mirror and when I looked, a little white square fluttered behind my car and bounced off the van behind us.  While my brain is processing this I see another square of white flutter INSIDE the car, then whiz out the window. 

Peals of laughter.

That's when the brain recognized that little white square as a square of toilet paper. (Side Note: it had been less than 5 minutes since we had a conversation about what littering is and how it is BAD.  Very bad.)

Me  (yanking the rearview mirror down to see D behind me): WHAT ARE YOU DOING????

D (freezing wide-eyed and lowering his hands out of sight in the mirror): should keep your eyes on the road!

It is a sign of how annoyed I was that I consciously decided to file that response away for later, knowing I would then find it funny.

Me (pretending he had not spoken): ARE YOU THROWING TRASH OUT THE WINDOW OF THE CAR???

D: Um, the wind pulled it outside.


Belle: Why 'cause, I told you!

Me: (deep breath then launch into a long, motherly lecture on littering and especially doing something your mother had JUST told you not to do...yada yada...normal long-winded motherly rant ending with...)  I left that toilet paper back there so you could give pieces to Belle if she needed a tissue.  She's not big enough to get it for herself.   I thought you were big enough!"

Long dramatic pause.

D's subdued little voice pipes up: "Clearly you were mistaken."

At which time I had just enough self control to snap off a "Clearly!"  before dying in silent laughter in the front, grateful that he couldn't see me.


  1. Brilliantly funny. (Both your kids and the way you write about them.) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the laugh. My children have lost their brains lately, glad to know mine aren't the only ones!

  3. you are full of humor girl! thanks for the laugh! I'm a new follower.

  4. Oh good for you that you didn't just dissolve into laughter. What a little sarcastic boy. I wonder where he got it.....

  5. Oh and I am now subscribing by e-mail because I always assume that you are never posting like I am never posting. Clearly, I am mistaken.


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