Sunday, May 1, 2011

Highs and Lows

My bloggy-friend Jennifer over at Life, Crafts and Whatever started a linky party about the highs and lows of your week, which seemed like a nice post for the weekend. 

No promises that mine will be neatly delineated between Highs and Lows like other peoples, or that it necessarily will only encompass the past 7 days, but here goes (by topic):

Highest high: On Tuesday we went down to the Big City for a secondary ultrasound to really thoroughly check out Baby Boy's heart and other various organs.  And everything looks great!  We were, of course, very relieved.

It was also a nice perk to just lie quietly on a table while Medman wrangled the two kids into civilized behaviour.  D was very interested to see the baby and Belle, well she's oblivious, but overall they did really well.

Low: Every night in the past week Belle has at least partialy taken off her pj's after we put her to bed AND twice disrobed entirely including pulling off her diaper.  Eww.  Thankfully both times we had just a #1-type mess, not a #2-type mess, but the possibilities of her creativity freaked me out.  And she is completely immune to hearing rules such as "LEAVE YOU PAJAMAS ON!!!!!!!!!!"  After dutifully and solemnly agreeing that she will leave said pajamas on, the minute you leave the room you can hear her cheerfully saying, "I pull my zipper down!  I see my arms!  I see my tummy!  Where are my knees???"

High: The day I realized, "Hey, she's just outgrowing her 12 month pajamas!" (Yes, I know she's turning 2 in 10 days....) And I grinned an evil grin, grabbed the jammies, snipped off the little footies, snipped a little slit in the back of the neck to loosen it up a bit and stuck them on her backwards.  Yup, zipper and snap right up her back.  And yes, she looks like Huck Finn with her cut-off, too-short pajamas, BUT SHE CAN'T UNDO THE ZIPPER!  I proudly admit that the first night I did it when I went in later and saw her sleeping fully clothed I threw my hands into the air and did a silent dance of victory.  I can still beat you, ya stinkin' one-year-old.

Random Low:
While I was driving on the TWO LANE "highway" that goes through our 3 mile long town.  (The only place in town that you MIGHT get stuck sitting through more than one cycle of a traffic light.  If you are out at RUSH HOUR which goes from 4:55 to 5:05, AND it's turkey hunting seasons AND you are sitting in front of our only grocery store)  I got pulled over for deciding at the last minute NOT to turn from the left turn lane, but instead to go straight through the deserted intersection.  Unfortunately, one of our public servants happened to see.  And I had to bite my tongue to not say something sarcastic as he told me, "You're not in trouble, just wanted to make sure you are more careful in the future.  Especially on BUSY roads like this one."

Yes, sir.  You really got to keep your head on a swivel in traffic like this.

Random Highs:

-Picking flowers with Belle in the back yard.  Are her favorites the cheerful yellow dandelions?  No.  The sweet purple flowers that are sprinkled across our yard?  Nope.  She likes, "the green ones."  That would be the empty stump of a dandelion which has already had all its fuzz fly away.

-Belle wearing an adorable blue and white checkered dress that I MADE FOR HER AND IT ACTUALLY FITS while picking the flowers.  I will not mention how many things I've made for her lately that do not even fit over her minuscule head.  Apparently I have a measuring problem.

Lowest Low:
Thursday night, before heading to bed, Medman glanced outside AND THERE WAS A RACCOON CLIMBING OUT FROM UNDER OUR DECK.


If you don't remember the last raccoon problem (and you have some free time to read my overly long telling of the adventure) look here  and here

Anyway, NOT excited about our new nocturnal neighbor.  And yes, he's huge.  (I flat out refuse to believe it's another female.  It's male.  I could see it in his beady little eyes.)  He's huge like a small bear.  Or a baby hippo.  Maybe even a teenage hippo. Or a raccoon known by his friends a Magnus Coon-Magnusun.   And since Animal Control flat out refuses to believe that there can be animal problems on the weekend, we can't call for a trap until Monday morning.  I'll get a picture of the monster to post once he's caught.  I'm sure you're all dying to see him.


  1. I miss all the wildlife in MO. We used to always have bunnies running around. Here in Tx, I just have loud birds and even louder neighbors dogs. Sounds like you had an interesting week! Still so excited for you about your sonogram. :)

  2. Picking flowers with your girl sounds like a heck of a high! It actually sounds pretty much perfect.

  3. I died laughing and read the pj high and low to my husband! It is when we are at out wits end that this fantastic creativity comes out and we can do the silent happy dance. Hope you have a great week and good luck with out doing the soon to be two year old in the future. She sounds like a smart one!

  4. Our oldest caught us with the pajama trick when we were visiting my parents. We were trying to sleep in, enjoying and half-ignoring his cheerful little sounds on the monitor. We didn't get it when he was saying "" but when we heard, "Dirty! Dirty" we FLEW down the hall. What a mess! Your solution was great. Wish I had been that clever!

  5. What is with you and the racoons? Honestly. And now I understand the backward pajamas. Ingenious. Congratulations on being smarter than your two-year-old. What a reminiscence of Frankie, wearing 6 month shorts when she was three. Now I have a big porker. Maybe this baby will be a porker for you! They wear their clothing much less often.


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