Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Highs and Lows May 11

Jennifer over at Life, Crafts and Whatever is doing the highs and lows of your week again.  She got the idea from a movie, The Story of Us, which I've never seen, but the family in the movie shares the highs and lows of each day at the dinner table.  I think I might start that at our house.  Sounds like a nice thing to share.  

  • Mother's Day was lovely.  Hubby took the kids to get donuts first thing in the morning so I got a half hour of peace (frankly a little eerie) and didn't have to make any food!  Then we did a long, leisurely drive and a picnic lunch and finally worked in a date night to dinner and the movies.  Saw our first 3D movie (yes, we are that behind the curve).  It was cooler than we expected.  I think I ducked once so that Thor's giant pecks wouldn't smack me in the face.
  • Raccoon: caught and removed easily.  The only moment I felt even vaguely sorry for him was when he was clinging to the top of the trap and stretching his little clawed hand through the wire toward the unfeeling heavens in a plea for freedom.  But then he looked at me with his hateful, beady little eyes and my sympathy disappeared.  Besides, I'm sure he's quite happy in his new habitat, wherever that may be.
  • Grandparents in town who entertained the kiddos on two hot humid days.  
  • My little Etsy shop has seen a lot of business thanks to Mother's Day.  Just on the verge of being too much business, actually, but still nice. 

  • My right kneecap has decided that it no longer wants to be part of my body.  Can't blame it really as baby #4 is really creating a great deal of extra weight for the kneecap to carry.  Anyway, it's decided that if it fills up a huge balloon of some sort of fluid behind itself, sooner or later it will just eject itself out and be free.  Unfortunately that is causing a bit of pain for the rest of the leg.  Stupid kneecaps and their drive for independence.  
  • This one is a mixed high/low.  I've added a necklace to my Etsy shop that I created originally for myself as a remembrance necklace for my son, Jack.  It reminds me of two arms holding something precious.  It seems to resonate with people though and I've had a ton of orders for it. So with each order I have such mixed emotions.  I know that for myself, it is so valuable to have small, concrete reminders of Jack's little life.  Something that makes it seem more real, so I am glad that other mothers are getting something similar.  But it is also heartbreaking to hear peoples stories of loss that they share while they are ordering.  Especially around Mother's Day.  So if you know a mother who's lost a child, send her a quick note or give her a quick call to let her know you are thinking of her at this time.  Don't worry, you don't have to say anything profound  Just let her know you are thinking of her and her child.  Sooner or later I'm actually going to write the post on what a mourning mother needs that I've been tossing around in my head for a couple years. 


  1. Thanks for linking up, Janice.

    Your knee sounds painful! I hope you start feeling better.

    I think the necklace is beautiful, and reminders of Jack's life, while full of mixed emotions I'm sure, keeps his memory alive. You're a good momma, Momma.

  2. Oh, I'm sorry to hear about your knee!

    (I'm thinking about you. I know it's not the same thing, but Mother's Day this year was a very mixed experience for me, too, because it marks the weekend of the death of the only grandma I ever knew. I was surprised at how much crying I did over the weekend. I'm so sorry about Jack.)

  3. Please do. We are stumbling blindly, those of us who can only imagine the depths of sorrow and have been spared by God's grace thus far. I love you, Janice, and I so wish that I could in some way make it better.


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