Thursday, October 22, 2009


Sitting here at my kitchen table wondering what momentous thing I can write in the VERY FIRST post on my new blog and I got nothing.  I should be waking baby Belvedere up so that she works well with the schedule I've decided we all must be on today.  Oddly enough, her 5 month old individuality always exerts itself in these situations as she takes naps for drastically different amounts of time than usual.  For instance for the last 5 days she has woken up around 6 am.  That would have worked well for me today.  I've been rubbing my hands together gleefully all week that she's put herself on a convenient schedule for me.  But here I sit at 7:22 and not a peep from her room.  Not a peep.  The reason I'm excited about my schedule today is that I get to drop 3 year old son, Big D, off at a friends for the morning.  The whole morning!  Very exciting.  I will get to go to the Post Office and stand serenely in line with everyone else instead of doing that incredibly loud hissing whisper that mothers do to tell their child to "Get back here!  Don't touch that!  Stop pulling envelopes out of the ridiculously overstuffed envelope display!  Don't poke that heavy lady in the butt!  Even if her pants are green!  Yes I know you love green!" 

Ah!  A peep from Belvedere's room.  Very good.  Now I can continue posting because I know she's awake and frankly sounds perfectly happy in her crib practicing her creaky-door-swinging-in-a-haunted-house noise.  She's getting quite good at it.  I'm considering renting her out to the local haunted houses.

So I started this blog because, besides the fact that it is 2009 and after starting up a blog I'm totally intimidated by the words staring back at me from all of my Customization options (gadgets? backlinks? feeds?), I also started an etsy shop and then people blog about it right?  I'm sure someday I will even learn how to put the cool little link on the side of my blog that leads to my shop.  (Until then it's

But lets face it, people.  I may obsessively dream about new crafty things to make but I am a stay at home mother of two and so 99% (if I round down) of my time is spent mothering and wife-ing.  So I'm pretty sure most of this blog will contain cute anecdotes about my little darlings.

The creaky door is beginning to sound more like a demand for food and less like a fun game of rolling in the crib, so I'd best get back to mothering.

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