Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lost out of cyber-space

I'm in a sort of cyber-withdrawl.  Last Friday, the very day after I began this blog, that tiny little golden pin inside the power cord for my computer fell out.  Just fell out.  Apparently someone at Dell had just gently nestled it into its protective-seeming plastic tube instead of actually fusing it to any wires that exist inside the cord.  My computer has 54 days of warranty left on it so my dutiful husband contacted Dell.  The representative from Dell, in all their hindi-accented wisdom, declared that such a problem is classified as accident, not wear and tear.

Which I totally understand because Friday I had been just walking through my living room, accidentally tripped, got my hand accidentally tangled up in the powercord that had been lying safely under the neglected ironing board, rolled accidentally to my feet, spun around out of control and just happened to gently press my hand accidentally against the side of the computer where the power cord plugs in.  After that amazing accident I discovered that the cord would not stay in and when I looked the little pin was hanging on by a thread (a metal thread?  from steel wool maybe?) and pretty much the power of my intent stare made it fall out completely.  Clearly an accident.  As Medman passionately asked the barely english speaking Dell agent, "HOW IS PLUGGING IN YOU POWER CORD AN ACCIDENT?!?!?!?!"

Anyway, (deep breath) after explaining to them how we felt about their idea of a warranty and their price of $80 for a new cord we (by we I mean Medman) scoured the internet for deals, even patiently giving in to my nagging to "Make sure we don't get a rebate through ebates for that tiny random computer parts website!"  (Side note, anyone who doesn't know what ebates is, you should find out.  It gives you cash back when you order through hundreds of websites.  I'm eagerly awaiting my $15 check in November for the last couple months of internet shopping.) And the long and short of it is that I have to wait until this Friday to get my computer cord so I can use my computer.  I'm currently using Medman's since he had to trudge out to the Critical Care Unit bright and early this morning and no kids are up yet.

My friend Cirelle from Denver was here from Friday until yesterday, so that helped with the computer-less problem.  She  brought her youngest daughter with her who is 18 months old.  It took her and Big D about a day and a half before they determined that they were essentially siblings and could argue non-stop.  Since little Brielle didn't have the vocabulary to fight on D's level, he kindly took to talking like a one year old with inarticulate screams and howls.  Good times.  After the kids were in bed, Cirelle and I had a lot of fun.

Well, I got on the computer exactly one hour ago to work on my grocery list and have done nothing but make etsy listings and ramble on this post, so I suppose I'm off.  Everyone reading this (all 3 of you) take a moment to pat your computer lovingly and thank it for working for you today.

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  1. I seriously laughed out loud! Rolling around on the floor....


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