Saturday, July 30, 2011

"The baby's moving into my craft room" CLEARANCE SALE

2 interesting facts that are completely unrelated to the rest of this post:
  1. 147 days til Christmas.  People you know would like a necklace for Christmas this year.
  2. I can see your neck right now and it looks pretty boring. 

"The baby's moving into my craft room" CLEARANCE SALE

Junior shows up in 2 weeks and his new little baby nook takes over half of my craft room (sigh).  So I need to clear out some old inventory. For anyone is interested, I'm selling some necklaces for around half price. ($3 flat shipping no matter how many you want, and if you live in K'ville, just email me and we'll just do the purchase off line with no shipping costs.)

Here are some examples of the things for sale:

Wire Wrapped Tree Necklaces. $12 each (regularly $26) and there are 8 of them in all different colors, some in silver wire, some in copper.

and Crackled Glass Necklaces.  $4 each (Regularly $8).  There are 4 different styles.  Perfect for you or that niece of yours who you need a Christmas present for. 

Visit the Clearance Section of my Etsy shop for all the listings.

And the sale ENDS on AUGUST 6TH.


  1. Ok, if for some crazy reason you ever feel like putting an Eternally Loved ring with an April stone it that there clearance section you let me know. Or if you wanna give me one. Or trade. Or whatevs. I'm poor people.
    Or ignore my pleas. :)

  2. Beautiful stuff!
    Great blog :)



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