Monday, July 18, 2011

Highs and Lows - July 17th

Jennifer from Life, Crafts and Whatever hosts this little party every week where people can link up their highs and lows.  And I think it's a great idea.  Usually as I stop to think back on the week I'm surprised at all the good stuff that went on and had almost forgotten about.

The low are easier to remember, of course. The crappy part is that the real lows are often sort of embarrassing to write about.  I stay at home with the kids which means that usually the low point of my week involves me acting like a child in response to one of the thousand interruptions/irritations/messes/insults from those two opinionated, self-absorbed yet still irresistibly lovable children that I spend all of my time with. 

Like when I bellow at them both, "THE NEXT PERSON WHO DOES NOT SPEAK IN A NICE VOICE IS GETTING PUT IN TIMEOUT TIL AUGUST!"  Classy stuff like that.

Or when I force D to clean his room because "Really, sweetie, you'll feel better if you just pick it up a bit...No, I can't help you, I'm busy balancing more dishes on the kitchen counter that I don't want to clean."

SO, in an effort to remember the fun things of this week and not dwell on my own mothering inadequacies, here are the Highs and Lows:

  • We had a week remarkably free from obligations and at least one morning that I remember was not unbearably hot.  Which means we got to go and enjoy some time outside at the park with friends and had TWO trips to the library.
  • I reached 35 weeks in this pregnancy!  That's a big milestone here in rural Missouri because it means that if baby boy decides to show up early, he can be born here in town.  Any earlier than 35 weeks and the babe gets sent off to the big city so he can be properly cared for.  
  • The aforementioned Jennifer is doing a giveaway from my Etsy shop!  It's been fun to see people enter to win something from me. 
  • Sewing projects gone RIGHT!  It's very exciting that the last bunch of things (not counting the half finished, oddly lumpy shirt I tried to make Belle) that I've sewn have worked well!  3 of them are maternity shirts fashioned from humongous men's t-shirts.  (Uh, the shirts themselves were humongous.  I did not take them from humongous men.)  And I made a white coat for D so he can look more like his dad when he plays doctor:
From daddy's old student white coat... a little boy sized one. No, I didn't threaten him on his life to smile.  Why do you ask?
  • New cell phones!  Hubby and I have joined the rest of the country and are addicted to proud owners  of fancy smart phones.  Yes, years after everyone else, we can finally play Angry Birds.  In fact that's what we spent the weekend doing.  Playing Angry Birds. 

  • I actually did waste pretty much the entire weekend playing Angry Birds.  I hate those smug little pigs.
  • Every day except that one morning was unbearably hot.  Heat index of 110?  Is that really necessary?  Especially as my body seems to be literally trying to cook the bun in my oven. 
  • Belle got some sort of little fever thing on Friday. This fever thing caused sleep problems.  Medman will probably list this as a high (and at the time she was pretty cute) but she was awake from 9:30 to 11:30 pm!  A big chunk of that time she spent cuddled with her dad in the rocking chair chatting him up about butterflies and her stuffed bunny (thus the high from her dad.)  He'd had a long week and hadn't seen her much.  And she was really turning on the charm to get to stay up with us at such an exotic time.  BUT, the problem was that it was just one of the many nights of bad sleep for me this week.  Between sick kids, babies in utero who like to cause all sorts of discomforts and husbands who are interesting to talk to when they get home late I'm feeling a bit sleep deprived. 
  • Tornado sirens DURING NAP TIME.  NUTHIN' should mess with nap time.  Not even a tornado.  I was seriously considering going outside to force the approaching thunderstorm away by sheer angry momma-bear will, but then the tornado sirens went off and I satisfied myself with shaking my fist threateningly at it then tucking my tail to run and drag kids off to the basement.  
  • I made cookies that were gross.  The kids helped and the recipe was simple, but the cookies were gross.  Medman took a bite then dropped the rest back onto the cooling rack, Belle flat out refused to taste one and D, when asked if he liked them replied evasively, "Well, I ate one."  
  • I threw the cookies out and apparently broke my son's heart who sobbed that he had "actually liked them and really, really, really didn't want them thrown away!"  Bad cook? Check.  Bad mom?  Check. 


  1. I seriously laughed out loud at " I made cookies that were gross. " And then at everything that followed.
    Last week I made some crazy, stupid cookie recipe that called for Tabasco Sauce. I was....ok? But I did it. My husband took one bite and spit it in the garbage saying it tasted like sweat and burritos and rotten bananas. I was like, " Well all you did was list the first 3 ingredients. Did you read the recipe, you cheater?"
    I wanna punch those pigs, too. Grunting at me in their piggy way, showin me who's boss. I'm the boss! I'm the boss you pixilized little jerks!

  2. Oh this is so funny! I'm sorry about your gross cookies, but it gave us a laugh, so it was worth it, right? ;)

    We just got fancy smartphones too, and now I feel like one of the cool kids. I play way too much angry birds. It's embarrassing.

    And how did I miss that you were pregnant??? 35 weeks is awesome! That's so soon!!! Too bad it's so hot out. I hope you have AC. I have two September babies so I know all about being humongous in the sweltering heat of summer. Not a good time. Hang in there and get your last bit of "legal binge eating" in before the big arrival!!!

  3. Oh and Lesley, I nearly spewed my coffee all over the computer screen when I read your DH's comment about "sweat, burritos and rotten banannas"...I'm still laughing about that!

  4. Your posts always make me LOL. I haven't had any cooking disasters lately, just crafting ones. Hubby and I both need new phones, ours are SOOOO FREAKING SLOW. I never got hooked on angry birds, but I'm hopelessly addicted to Words With Friends.


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