Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weird IS good.

I was chatting with my big sister last night and mentioned that my kids were weird in some way or another and she answered, "Weird is good."  And so I started thinking.  It's true.  Weird is good.  Besides the annoying fact that I type it wrong EVERY time (my brain tries to jump in and shout "e THEN i" but my fingers just refuse to obey...) weirdness brings a lot of happiness around here.

My kids can argue with the best of them.  I thought it might take longer than 2 years before my kiddos mastered the "No it's not!" "Yes it is!" fight, but Belle has a real flare for negating.  I don't think she even needs to know what a sentence means to negate it. 

D, sharing info he gleaned from a Magic Treehouse book, could say to me, "After the San Francisco earthquake, fires burned in the city for THREE DAYS!"

And Belle, who I'd swear wasn't even paying attention, will say offhandedly, "No, the fires did NOT burn for three days."

"Yes, Belle, they DID burn for three days."
"No, they did NOT burn for three days."

And in the most cliche way possible those two lines are repeated with increasing passion for...well, I don't know how long because I'm the one who cracks first.

Me: "Ahh!  Belle, stop!  D is right.  They did burn for three days, just trust D.  You don't even know how long three days is."

Belle: "Yes I do."
D: "No you don't"
Belle: "Yes I do."
Me: "Why does this car not have some sort of soundproof divider between me and you guys?"

But, they get on remarkably well when they are doing SOMETHING WEIRD. 

Like laying under either end of a blanket and sipping water. 
Yeah, this went on for a blissful 20 minutes or so.  One of them would announce, "Drink time!" and they'd both drink water.  Then someone would say, "Cups down time!" and both would spend 30 seconds trying to get their cups onto the bookshelf without getting up.  Then they'd giggle and wiggle their feet until, "Drink time!"  And it was cute and happy.  But a little weird. 

Or when they got their hampers set up between the couch and coffee table on laundry day and set up their matching Poingo books.

Happy as clams while their Poingo pens hollered out letter names.   Again, very cute but a bit weird. 

Now, I just have to pray that they keep finding weird things to do all day every day.  It would be heaven around here!

PS - Yes, I typed it wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME the whole way through this post.  You should all be glad for spell check.


  1. I type it wrong every time too. It's not just you. That and weiner. I typed it like that and I'm leaving it like that.

    And wierd is good. Today my 9 year old was talking to another kid in the library and the kid looked at my son and said, " You're wierd. " and my son said, " Yes, I know. Let's dance! " And he did. And the kids walked away. And I was never more proud.

  2. My husband thought I was nuts because I was laughing so hard at the story about the water game.
    Very weird, but in a good way!


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