Monday, July 4, 2011

Highs and Lows - July 4th

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

My highs and lows this week are all sort of jumbled up, so I'm not going to even try to formulate a list.

The week was pretty much defined by the huge storm we had on Sunday.  Partly because of the low of getting almost no sleep all night (part pregnancy discomfort, part storm, part sleeping in a hot house afterwards with windows open and lots of thunder and lightning continuing for hours...) but mostly because of the lack of power that we had for the next two days.

So, 48 without power, a high  or low?  Well, having to throw out a bunch of food from the fridge was a low.  But now having a nice clean fridge is sort of a high.  And getting NO COFFEE for 2 days was a definite LOW.  But having an excuse to put off the vacuuming and laundry for two days, a high.  Of course, since I should have done laundry over the weekend before the storm and had been playing a sort of can-we-go-a-few-more-days-before-washing-underwear Russian Roulette with all of our closets, by the time Wednesday rolled around the laundry situation was a definite low.

Kids getting to play with their own personal flashlights for days?  Definite high.   I'm not sure why we ever buy them real toys.  Flashlights, kitchen utensils and a blanket for a fort and they're in heaven. 

I feel like I should say that two days with no tv, computer and limited phones (my cell was almost dead when the storm hit and could only be charged when we were driving somewhere.  My three minute trips around town don't do much for charging....) was a low.  That somehow it should have been frustrating.  But actually it was a high.  It was pretty freeing to have all sorts of 'obligations' I put on myself lifted.  Besides the minor irritation of CONTINUALLY trying to do things that required power, it was nice to slow down, hang out with the kids or sit on the back porch and chill.

And the weather those two days was a definite high.  It was cool and cloudy.  LOVELY.  If we hadn't gotten power back by Thursday I would have left the state and headed north until I found snow.  I think the heat index was 105 on Thursday.  But the two days we were air-conditioningless were beautiful.

So with the power outage for 2 days then another couple days of getting Mt. Laundry done and all the other tasks that had needed attention, the house is just starting to feel back to normal.  All in all, though, I'd go with the highs beating the lows

Random low:

D at dinner last night: Daddy!  Sit by me!  PLEASE?

Daddy:  I'm sitting in my chair, Mommy is going to sit next to you.

D: But I want YOU to!  Because I LOVE you!

Daddy (who finds a great deal of humor in pushing things past their socially acceptable limits) : What, you don't love Mommy?

D:  Well... Uh...I LIKE Mommy...

Me:  That's it kid!  You are going on the blog in the LOWS!

Someday he's going to dread those words.

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  1. Thanks for the morning laugh!!! That restaurant scene is too much!

  2. Over all on the power outage... I would say high. It isn't often you get the chance to take things slow and really enjoy everything. Sometimes the forced silence of no tv is nice. On the lows I know EXACTLY what you mean. My lil one is 4 and she finally picked me to sit next to, me to do stuff with... I thought she would NEVER get to this point since the past 4 years all she has wanted was daddy. I am excited that finally she chose me. I told her how happy it made me too. No worries, the day will come when he is begging to sit next to you again.

  3. Aw- summer monsoons can be crazy! Thanks for checking out my blog through Highs and lows! I'm a new follower.


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